Voyage in a storm…

The crowdfunding for my recording project finished today (Saturday 6th April). I’m really so grateful to everyone who has supported this – even in what are clearly difficult times, many friends and supporters have really helped in so many ways, not just contributions but also practical support such as passing the word round to people who I would not be able to contact myself.

It really has felt like a voyage in a storm recently – the U.K. at the moment is in such turmoil with the worst political chaos since WW2, and understandably there are many people who feel nervous about deteriorating exchange rates, investments and uncertain business futures. This is hardly the time for many to be contemplating funding for a bassoon recording project! Yet, despite this, numerous people with their sights firmly fixed beyond the current mess have gone ahead anyway, and to these people I am hugely grateful.

The funding continues with a PayPal system which is now on the webpage – there are options to pre-order a CD (which is scheduled for release late next year) or a donation of any chosen amount. The remaining amount needed is to cover sessions with orchestra – always a challenge with the high costs involved, but adding such special and exciting repertoire to the recording. It’s worth it – these are great pieces that need to be heard! If you have not yet heard the audio sampler, go to the webpage where you will hear excerpts from the Villa-Lobos, Maconchy and Panufnik works that require the funding.

It’s hard to be focusing so much on money in what is essentially a creative process! It is of course the only way, but I’ll be glad to draw a line under all this and return to what I do best – and that is what most people respond to best of all, when the money and all other practical necessities finally disappear into the background. The music is by far the most important thing in the entire process!

As you’ll have seen in my previous blogs, the leader of this musical voyage is very much the bassoon itself – so, here is our tour guide, courtesy of Manchester-based artist Dick Graham!

Image © 2015 by Dick Graham

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