The voyage begins…

I am now crowdfunding for my new recording project ‘Voyage of a Sea-god’, which – with sufficient support – will be released by the world-famous Hyperion recording label, hopefully towards the end of next year. You can see what I’ve recorded with Hyperion so far at – my first Hyperion album was in 1981, and the most recent (released in summer last year) went to No. 4 in the U.K. Specialist Classical Charts!

You can see details and hear an audio sampler with numerous musical excerpts at which also has the link to the crowdfunding site, which runs to the end of this month (March 2019). After that, you can contact me directly via

This is not just a project for bassoonists! One of the main aims is to make the bassoon and its wonderful music better known to a much wider audience. If you feel you can help and would like to take part in this musical journey, do please look at the details on the webpage – it’s quite an adventure!

The first stage has already happened. All the music with piano was recorded last month at Wyastone Leys, a famous classical recording venue in Monmouthshire. Working with my recital partner, pianist Michael Hancock, producer Andrew Keener and sound engineer Simon Eadon, we recorded six works – about 50 minutes of music – in two intensive but enjoyable days of sessions.

The other stages are with orchestra and with chamber ensembles. These will happen if there is sufficient funding. Quite a few people have already been very supportive and generous – you can see the progress so far on the crowdfunding page – all the main details of the project are on the special webpage Take a look and enjoy listening!

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