A musical fireworks celebration!

At the end of this week – on Saturday 27th April, to be precise – oboists and bassoonists from all over the U.K. and from parts of Europe will be gathering at the Royal Academy of Music (RAM) in London for a very special occasion. On that date, 270 years ago, Handel’s ‘Musick for the Royal Fireworks ‘ received its first performance in Green Park, not all that far from RAM. It was performed by a large wind ensemble including 24 oboes and 12 bassoons – but this Saturday we have an even bigger group of players performing this wonderful music. I will be conducting – it may not be the most subtle of musical experiences, but it will certainly be impressive and exciting! If you happen to see this in time, do come along to the performance at 5.30pm, which is a free admission event promoted by the British Double Reed Society. Huge thanks to RAM for hosting this amazing event!

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