Entering the world of blogs…!

This is my first ever blog! The summer heat has been presenting its challenges recently, but there are so many exciting things happening – so perhaps best to ‘stay cool’! Where do I start in the world of blogging? Perhaps by saying that this blog is my personal slant on life, work and musical events. As many of you know, I won’t do this on Facebook, which I keep strictly for musical events and information.

So, I’ll begin with a touch of retro perspective. I am passionate about my work in music, and the big challenge for me this year has been getting out of the black hole of 2017. To say that it was a bad year is an understatement, and it included a shocking revelation of the attitudes and behaviour of some people in certain situations – just a very small number of people, but enough to derail someone less bull-headed and determined than me! It is then that one embraces and really values those genuine friends and colleagues who came forward in droves, quietly observing, recognising what was going on and being wonderfully supportive through these difficult times. I will always be hugely grateful to you all, my real friends.

This year could not have been be more different – a wonderful sunrise after a dark storm! Exploring new work opportunities has been really exciting with some truly wonderful orchestral and ensemble work, alongside numerous inspiring projects with fantastic individual players. I’ll fill in the details in subsequent blogs – it’s all about that vitally important process of creating and sharing the magic of music and music-making in inspiring and life-enhancing ways. This is truly one of life’s great joys!

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